Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is the Hijab and Muslim Dress All About?

If you think that muslim woman is oppressed, then think twice.

There is nobody in this earth more beautiful then a muslim woman .
What makes Muslim woman beautiful is her Faith and her purity ,her respect for herself and people around her ..
I'm not any less then other women .I'm proud of who I am and proud of my Faith .
I have my freedom , i have my choice to cover my body.
The difference between me and you ,is that I obey My Creator ,and you obey the creation ..
With the way I look I'm pleasing Him and not the eyes of strange men ...
I'm free from the worldly obsessions .My only worry, is will my God be pleased with me ?

Do not judge me for the way I look ,but instead ask me and I welcome questions ..

Some questions you may have :

Q. Is Islamic dress appropriate for modern times?

A: Islamic dress is modern and practical. Muslim women wearing Islamic
dress work and study without any problems or constraints.

Q. Does Islamic dress imply that women are submissive or inferior to men?

A: Islamic dress is one of many rights granted to Islamic women. Modest
clothing is worn in obedience to God and has nothing to do with
submissiveness to men. Muslim men and women have similar rights and
obligations and both submit to God.

Q. But aren't there Muslim women who do not wear Islamic Dress, or hijab?

A: Some Muslim women choose not to wear hijab. Some may want to wear it
but believe they cannot get a job wearing a head scarf. Others may not
be aware of the requirement or are under the mistaken impression that
wearing hijab is an indication of inferior status.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am a christian she is a muslim, and i love her with all my heart, she doesnt know, what do i do?

Anonymous said...

im a roman catholic and he is a muslim. do i really need to convert my religion? does muslim's cannot change their religion in any cause?

Anonymous said...

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Ellie said...

I think this is an enlightening post. I'm not a Muslim, but I can fully understand the appeal of wearing a form of Hijab.
Sadly I live in a very Muslim intolerant place in England, and I'm not brave enough to wear one.
I think wearing a Hijab for yourself is the most feminist thing you can do- choose how much of your is viewed, choose how much of you is seen, and choose exactly how you portray yourself.

Thank you for your post :)

Kasia said...

The only purpose of hijab (not mentioning niqaab or burqa) is to dehumanize women and deprive them of their own identity, dignity and voice in the society. They walk as black ghosts without their own face and individuality, as if they didnt exist, mere shadows walking among men. Hijab degrades and humiliates women and is a symbol of them being property of men and of islam. Instead of islam teaching men to grow up and mature and control themselves, it blames women for men's lusts and weaknesses making women awrah - filthy and punishing women for men's problems...very sad.

no muslim woman would ever wear hijab if it wsnt for islamic manipulation. islam made the lives of women a living hell even aisha said that islam for women is only suffering...

muslim women wear hijab to be modest so why many of them wear such a heaby make up? to attract men just as women in the west?? is it only me who sees it? contradiction or is it just a proof that hijab is only a symbol of abuse and humiliation of women??

Jesus came over 600 BEFORE Muhamad and Jesus said who He is (God)and what He came to do (die on the cross for humanity. Thn 600 years after Jesus came Muhamad who lied raped killed, was pedophile and adulterer and denied words of Jesus....

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