Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Hijab Style

This is another great find ! Old Navy store
Lots of Hijabs in different colors .Some of them are on sale $4.99,$8.00 and regular price for some is $12.50.

These are some nice Jackets I found in their store .
I like to wear jacket over my Jilbab if going to work or school ,just for more professional look .
But I always buy a jacket size bigger , so it doesn't show my figure.

And there is lots of sweaters ,that you may like .Its so easy to shop in the fall and winter time ,because finally you can find long sleeve clothes .

All these sweaters ,scarves and bags are from Old Navy.
Two sweaters on the top are $20.00 .The ones on the bottom are $44.95

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Anika said...

Interesting. I shop at Old Navy the most. Youre right, you find a lot of "longer" clothing there. I actually have 2 of the long coats that you've shown here. I'm liking these practical approaches to clothing style! ;)