Monday, March 9, 2009

Muslim Wedding Dress

salam aleikum

Please note ,these dresses and decorations are for women's party only .You wouldn't want to show up like these in front of non-Mahram men ....

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Salam aleikum
Muslim wedding dress ... How hard it is to find..
I remember myself searching online ,Muslim wedding dress, and just nothing would come up ..Only few dresses....
After big research I realized that there is no such a thing as Muslim wedding dress...
There is no special requirement for Muslim wedding dress.I mean no specific color or style .
I guess it also depends from country to country what Muslim Brides wear ...

I noticed many sisters wear White dress and there is nothing wrong with it at all...

I personally like Indian wedding dresses ...
Few months ago I and other sister were looking for a dress for her and we started from white regular dresses , after trying on couple of them ,we realized that it looked really boring .So we decided to try Indian Bridal Lehengas ...
And all of them looked stunning ,with lots of embroidery and large Dupatta ...

The sister got the blue Lehenga with silver embroidery and the Tika and bangles to go with it ...

If anyone is looking for something other then white I would recommend to look for Indian Bridal Lengha

I will post few examples....
Of course,the ones I'm posting need to be customized with long sleeves,which most of the Indian stores offer ..

Regarding the price most of the Bridal Lenghas start from 400$ and up ,you can find some also for 200$ ,300$ or bargain in the store...

Red color is most common for Bridal Lenghas and it looks truly gorgeous with all the jewelry

There are also different colors of Lehega and different designs ..
There are many nice Lehengas at also offer free customization,like adding sleeves and etc..

For the sisters who like to wear white or off white for their wedding I found these few options $ 450

www.figurafashion $399.00
They also have Western style gowns ,which look really beautiful ,ecept for the fact ,that the shoulders are open .If you can find something to wear over it ,then it would be nice too..
And these 2 dresses are only $ 255.00

Here is also another option are Bridal Sarees
They are much cheaper then Lehenga Choli and I think its possible to ask them to make long sleeve blouse...

Jewelry is the very important part of these dresses

Especially this head piece , called Tikka..
But please note ,this is for women's party only .You wouldn't want to show up like these in front of non-Mahram men ..

Images from


I found these excellent deals on ebay

This whole set is only 27 $ + shipping

It is gold plated ,but still it looks beautiful and its very inexpensive
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Aisha Baranowska said...

Sister, I am married to a Pakistani and I know how they dress here... Desi style and lehengha? No-no! There is nothing Islamic or hijabi about that... unless you have a women-only wedding party... But, when you go to the masjid to get married, would you wear it? No! Of course... Or when an imaam comes to make nikah, would you face an imaam like this? Dupatta is too large in order to serve as your hijab and it doesn't cover your neck and bossom that must be covered anyway... If you are in presence of non-mahram men, no matter at home or somewhere else, you must cover all your body except for the face and hands, you know that... Your clothes must be loose enough, not only long enough, and they must not be transparent. They must not be attracting attention to your beauty, as well. If you wear red, it's ok, but if you wear it with all this embroidery work on such a master-piece of Asian couture as lehengha, sari or salwar qameez, then it's NOT hijab! Remember.

I would rather wear white or even red abaya/jilbab, with NO embroidery on it or very small almost invisible one, because why shall I look like a Christmas tree when I am around non-mahram men from whom I'm supposed to hide my beauty...? Khalas! And even for women-only party I wouldn't wear such a heavy dress...! I wore salwar qameez on my wedding day, and I am ashamed of that until today...! It was a disaster because I had to sacrifice my modesty and I had nothing to say, those women would not let me wear proper hijab, so my neck and a part of my hair was exposed... And those bangles! They are huge hijab-don't!... It isn't modest enough for hijab, don't you understand...? On walima, I had to put on all that heavy lehengha, omg, next disaster...! For my registration (civil marriage), however, I was fully in control of my wardrobe and I was covered properly with white clothes (salwar qameez, but thick enough not to be see-through, thanks God!) and white Amira hijab...

And don't wear that heavy make-up! By God!... It looks ridiculous...!


Anonymous said...

aisha owner of blog, i like ur blog plz cleck out mines too !!
how about putting up full-sleeved lenghas cuz obviously for a miced weddin u cnt wear the short sleeved init..i'm asian too kashmiri n our aunts dnt cover up proply.

ok and aisha b (the one who commented)there are solutions ---one of my aunts wears u no proper hijab n stuf usually so on her wedding wt she did she a a seprate girls n boys wediing so she never wre proper hijab it was like these pic a short sleeved lenga..but her rule was no pics or videos allowed cuz ovioussly she wernt covered init

also ..i wish i had the pics to show u this style ..well my best m8 she wears hijab wid shalwar kameez but all her sistas wear jilbab...and one the sistas wedding i saw the pics and they r soooooo gorgeous mashallah!!!
i'll try to explain for u how they looked:
firstly thesistas if it was up to em they'd probly wuda had a seprate wedding cuz they r reeli islamic famly mashallah buh the guy she got married to ther familys more western buh islamic too so they wanted oviously she had to cover up.

so what they did ,subhanallah they got quite a bit of money lol but evn then i dnt think it was that exepensive-they wore like u no how lengas r proper done up that sort of material and it was like a mix of jilbab/full sleeved lengha joiined togeva so one piece suit. u get me?? i think they got it actually sewn so thats how they got it i think the fullsleeve lenga they sewed togeva to mke it one. well whateva they did it was like a jilaba shape and got heavy beading cuz u no its a one-off wedding..and all the sistas had similar coloured clothes so it was colur co-ordinated too...and the hijab too i dunno how they did it i think it was qite dont up maybe she wore a matching proper hijab under and then the nice one on top with beads dangling above her forhead so her neck neva showed or anythin jus face it looked sooooo nice mashallah, and even the mendhi u could only see the hands init so it was the coloured mendi u get i think it matched wid clothes too

Aisha Baranowska said...

hal, yeh kya hai? ;D))) Aap toh kuchh ziada nahi bolte hein? Kyoon ke yeh toh full speech hai, hehehe...! ;P I would like to see a picture of such combination - lengha sewn together as jilbab - it must have been sewn looser, too, bcoz they are usually tight-fitting and jilbab cannot be tight-fitting... That's really interesting... And how the hijab under the dupatta looks like...? I know you can hijabify Asian clothing, but for me it's still pretty too much, you know...? ;p I wear simple clothing every day and even for my wedding I would love to wear just a plain white jilbab / abaya with white hijab. But, you know, those women from my husband's family, they didn't care that I wear hijab full-time, always, not only usually, but I wear it always and I wear it properly - they did not care - and obviously, I was wrapped in my dupatta only, with my neck showing and the dupatta was slippy, so it was going somewhere behind my head all the time and showing hair from the front...! It was HORRIBLE! Astaghfirullaah! But, after the wedding I wear my hijab as it was before, without compromising my modesty any more... I was looking like a traditional Asian bride that time, with all my bangles in red and blue, matched with my wedding salwar kameez (top red with blue and silver embroidery and bottom blue, the dupatta was blue and beaded), and with my tikka and all that jewelry... But, I am not happy that all those women actually forced me to show my neck, they had no respect for my hijab and religious feelings, because, after all, they could invent something for me that would cover me properly when worn with my wedding clothes... They didn't and I had no option... One day without hijab costed me lots of nerves... But, my wedding was quite simple, more Islamic than those Asian weddings when people spend lots of money and food is wasted, hundreds of guests come for 7 days etc. ... My wedding was a small family dinner after the nikkah and it was all for the closest family members - my husband's family, coz mine was in Poland and you know, they aren't Muslims, don't speak English etc. - and the dinner was in my brother-in-law's house, where I stayed before the wedding, and his wife and sister prepared me for the ceremony... They don't wear hijab, never, so they weren't even bothered that I actually wear it and I take it seriously... Uhhh... OK, ME TOO, I SPEAK TOO MUCH, SO, IT WILL BE BETTER IF I JUST SHUT MY MOUTH... KHODA HAFEEZ!
Aisha B.

Aisha Baranowska said...

Oh, Dear, (to the owner of the blog...) please! Remove all this unnecessary stuff like word verification etc. from your blog, because it's too hard to process comments...;)

Aisha said...

salam aleikum sisters .Thank you for your comments
To sister Aisha Baranowska ,mu blog is new so I dont really know anything about allowing comments and etc..
Another thing dear if you read my post carefully you can see that I said all these dresses and jewelry and make up are for women parties only .I wouldnt show up like this in front of non mahram men and wouldnt recommend anyone to do that ...Alhamdulillah I know what correct hijab is ..
Thank you for your comments

waaleikum salam

Aisha said...

salam aleikum sister hal786 I would be more then happy to post Lehengas with long sleeves ,but Its almost impossible to find it ,thats why I said in my blog that all these Lehngas can be customized with long sleeves and long blouse and all the sites that I posted offer customizing ..
Will visit your blog inshaAllah
Thanks for the comment :)
waaleikum salam

Aisha said...

They are huge hijab-don't!... It isn't modest enough for hijab, don't you understand...?

salam aleikum
Please sister read my blog carefully before making such comments.I explained clearly that those dresses and decoration is for WOMENS PARTY only ...You choose what to wear and I chose what to wear and everyone have their choice...

waaleikum salam

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Anonymous said...

all of these outfits would be worn under an outter wrap! so people please stop telling her its not appropriate! only the women and marham males see these outfits they give the husband a bit of an extra reward for chooseing to marry the woman and it gives the woman a sense of femininity! its like a woman chooseing a special under garment or pants n top under her abaya for every day use besides the wedding night when the man sees her under outfit he will be most likely pleased that she went the extra mile to choose such an outfit! and for years to come will prolly pick others like it out for her to wear in the house!

saree point said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello friends!! I bought the same red bridal lehenga choli that is displaying on your blog from FIGURA ONLINE. It was undoubtedly amazing.

Anonymous said...

I admire all of you for your strength to wear what is correct but it makes me wonder when i read some of the posts with comments like 'my aunts don't cover up properly at all' ....I hope you don't judge a persons strength of faith through what they wear....I am constantly judged to be a bad muslim because I don't where hijab, although I have a lot of respect and admiration for those who do. Im hoping to reach a point where I do wear hijab but it comes with a lot of responsibility....the same girls who wear hijab and judge me at university are the ones who cheat in exams I will be wearing a lot of glitz and glamour on my wedding....and I will be inviting those girls...but shame on them if they come to my wedding to simply judge me and tut at me...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but does anyone here actually READ what the author said? She said for parties only, I hate when people just jump to conclusions like that without any understanding and making it seem like the author doesn't know anything.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You said that is HIJAB :( unfortunately the islam doesnt say that

Anonymous said...

Assalamualayk, hope you are well insha'Allah, just wanted to say i agree with you completely! white dresses do tend to be a bit boring and obviously when dressing up for your wedding day like this it shouldn't be in front on non-mahram men, and when you are in front of your sisters, dress up! its your wedding day! as long as the awrah which needs to covered up in front of sisters is covered up then its fine! and obviously when you need to leave the hall/room or during the nikah, put your correct hijaab on and an abaya on top. being a Muslimah isn't boring so certain people shouldn't try and make it so by taking rules out of context. jazakillahu khayr :)

Sama said...

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