Monday, September 28, 2009

Be careful with essenceofblack

assalamu aleikum

I thought to post this and warn others ..
In many of the blogs and forums I read about this website ,which is scam ,according to people's comments .Unfortunately this websites always shows on the google or other search engines as popular web site .
I was almost tempted to buy from them few times ,but alhamdulillah I felt that something is just doesn't seem right about them...
Please everyone be careful with the following web site

Another 2 web sites ,which is according to my research , also owned by the same company are :

Another web site ,that might be owned by the same company is this

If anyone had good experience with them , please comment ,because as I said, I haven't bought from them .I just know this from my own research on the forums and blogs..

If you take a close look at the websites I mentioned ,you can see that most of the pictures look like they taken from Shukr web site and from other different web sites .It was confusing me for a while ..

I just want to say ,before you order anything online , please make sure there is phone number for customer service , call and check that number before you order ..

Another tip for buying from online stores :
Be very careful , if ordering something from India or Pakistan (no offence please) .
Often on their web sites ,you see professional beautiful pictures ,BUT what happens is that ;they put the picture of the original dress , and then they try to make you one that *looks like* that.I'm talking from my personal experience .It happened to me twice ...

I hope someone will find this information useful.Please feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

I decided to order my first abayas as I am recently converted to Islam and went online to order some as it is hard to come by in the area that I live in, in the United States. I ordered and after a month wanted to check on the st atus of my purchase. I have sent numerous emails with no response to them. I dont know what to make of the situation, except to say that I am disappointed in this company and the way they run their business, especially because they use a muslim front to gain your trust. Does anyone have more concrete information on this company, perhaps an actual phone number or address?

Anonymous said...

Use a Domain Registration website to search their domain name. That should reveal registered address and telephone number etc..

Anonymous said...

is a reputable website to order anything???