Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cheap abayas and very beautiful !!!

salam aleikum

I want to share my good experience shopping online ..
This is my favorite store on the net

I ordered from them 3 times so far and all of the items were great ... They have really nice and unexpencive abayas and tunics ,in different colors .. They recently updated their website with some new clothes ,and its really beautiful ... Another good thing about them is that you can choose your length and add matching hijab for abaya if you like...

They have really nice cotton tunics in lots of colors , and they start only from $ 9.99 ,12.99 and up .. Regarding shipping ,I never had any problems .From my understanding items are shipped from India ,but a year ago when I ordered before they used to be shipped from New York ,I think..

When you order it says that shipping takes 12-14 days ,but all my orders I received with 8-9 days ,and the last one was shipped from India and I received it on the 8th day of purchase ...
I really recommend them and these are some abays I have bought and really like ...