Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Ideas

Wedding Abayas

salam aleikum
In my previous blog I posted some Indian dresses for The wedding Party ,now I found some beautiful Wedding Abayas that I would like to post ..

This is beautiful Abaya ,that can be customized with your specifications of size and color

$ 139.50

Can be made in red ..Gorgeous !!!!

This is very beautiful Jilbab ,also from the same website
And its only $ 74.40
For those who like red , like I do :)

Here is another white Jilbab,from the same store also ,which is $91.14

Let me know what you think ,I will keep posting more inshaAllah :)

waaleikum salam


Ridwanah Alladin said...


otowi said...

I really like that first one!

Anonymous said... bluecross blueshield of florida

Joseph Turner said...

I love this outfit.This really looks amazing.
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