Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ideas for The Working Sisters

salam aleikum

So summer is almost here , let's see what we have for the summer in the Islamic Online stores...
In the place where I live we don't have any Islamic stores around ,so I have to shop online and check for the deals ,that I can share with others ...

I found this excellent site for Western Muslimahs

You can just click on the picture ,it will direct you to the site

Beautiful Square hijabs Made in Turkey

They have very big selection of Hijabs and Free shipping for it ...
Turkish Hijabs ,Amirahs ,and even Bridal Hijab ,which I find really gorgeous ...

Beautiful Work wear and even Islamic swim suits ...

They also have a tutorial videos on how to wear Turkish Hijab and more

Shukr just got new beautiful Spring/Summer collection ,which is absolutely gorgeous ..

Let's see what they have ..

Many things also went on clearance ..

For example this dress ,which I think is perfect for summer and its on sale right now only for $44.95

I love their designs for tunics
There are many on clearance right now ..

These two are my favorite ones ...

The red one is on sale for 37.95 and the white one is from the new collection 64.95

Here is the same design ,but on the dress..
I really love their colors ..Look so feminine and modest at the same time

Have anyone seen their recent video contest on youtube ?
It was a contest about Islamic Identity in the West .The submission period for the video contest finished on February 28 and the winner will be announced on March 15th .The video will be posted on their new blog and the winner will receive 1000$ in Shukr clothing ..

It was really fun to participate and to watch all the videos about Islamic Identity .I also think it was a great idea for dawah ..Many people participated ,even one of them I believe is Non-Muslim ...

you can watch the videos of the contest here on youtube

and also visit their blog for more information about their designs and their work in general ...
I found it very interesting to read about how they make their clothes ,how they pick up their designs and ideas...

Now we can move on to Jilbabs
I just recently found this site

I mean I've always seen it before , but I kind of always skipped it ,because I dont like paying in different currency ,but I came across few jilbabs ,that I think would be perfect for a summer ,plus they look very stylish also
You can also find all the accessories you need there ...
They have really cute purses which are on sale now and a jewelry ,and very very nice and elegant shoes ..

I like to buy from the stores where you can find everything and dont have to order separate and spend extra for the shipping ...
These are complete sets that I made from their stores and their prices are very reasonable ..

jilbab about $ 38 ,Hijab $ 7 , shoes $18 ,bracelet $ 2.80

Abaya about $ 25 ,Hijab $ 7+, shoes only $ 14+, purse $ 8.50,broch 3.95

I converted the prices to Us $ ,you can see currency converter when you click on each item

You can also match any of this Jilbabs with a summer Jackets for more professional look ,you can just take it with you and wear it inside the building ,if you work in the office ,because all the places have Air Conditioners and it gets really cold sometimes inside ,so you dont have to worry ..
abaya from $ 38+ , jacket $ 24.99, bag $ 12 +, shoes $19+,Hijab $7+.

Summer Hijabs

For hijabs ,its very important to get the right fabric ,so hijab will not slip off your head ..
I like chiffon hijabs ,they are very light for the summer ..
I ordered many times before at and they have very beautiful hijabs ..
And right now they have 40 % off on Hijabs and abayas ...
So all the hijabs are from $5 to 6$ ,Excellent deal ...

Also u can get $5 coupon by downloading their toolbar ,which I have on my computer ,it has really useful gadgets ,like calculator ,to do list , Quran Radio and more...

Visit the site that everyone's talking about - Don't forget to include my email that i've referred you
They have many nice hijabs on clearance ,which now cost about $5-6

For those who are looking for large scarves ,I recently ordered from
And the have the best service ,my hijabs were shipped within 2 hours and I received them in 2 days and they are absolutely gorgeous and really large too..

The other site that also like but I never ordered from them before

I like their beautiful ,feminine prints and colors and Hijabs are also large and most of the hijabs are in price range $7 and up

They also have nice Sets

You can also buy skirt and shirt separately for $26.99 or 48.99 for the whole set