Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nursing Jilbabs

I haven't posted for a long time ,since I became Mom and been very busy with my little one..
Now there is something that I'm concerned about as a mother ,which is ,where to find Nursing Jilbabs ,that can be practical ,easy and fast to open and in nice colors.
I did some reasearch in online Islamic stores and I would like to share what I found with other sisters who are breastfeeding and also looking for Nursing Jilbabs ..

This is my first finding and my most favorite jilbabs ,because there are many beautiful colors to choose from including light blue ,khaki ,royal blue ,purple and more ..The Jilbabs are plain ,with no design on them ,that's exactly what I like about my clothing ,so it is perfect choice for me ..
Jilbab has a zipper and is made of peachskin fabric ,that is very practical and doesnt need much ironing.

This store also has varities of Hijabs in different colors and also Hijabs and Niqab matching sets in beautiful colors

For the sisters who like larger style of abaya or jilbab ,these are excellent for Nursing .
These abayas have a zipper on the front and are very large and made of good quality lightwigt fabric ..

There are only two colors :black or navy blue

I think this is most interesting Nursing Jilbab I found .It seams to be very practical and easy to use when breastfeeding .
Basically this jilbab has a hidden zipper across your chest ..
Please click on the link to view the jilbab
It comes in navy blue and grey ..

This is all I found so far .Please share with me if you know any other store selling Nursing Jilbabs ..

Also Nursing Covers is a very good option .
Please ckeck this web site and use this coupn that I have to get a free cover " Family2010"
Pleas leave your comments!!!


Anonymous said...

salam aleikum
I haven't had good experience with al Mujalababa .I placed the order and Jilbab wasnt even ready made .I had to call the store to find out what happened to my order ,coz they didnt replied on my email ,but hamdulillah they send it to me next day .Jilbab is ok .Im not really crazy about it ..
The gorgette scarves were just awfully heavy .Didnt like it at all .Bad online shopping experience like always ...


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Anonymous said...

Three words.. I love it!

salwar said...

It is really awesome. Thanks to share with us...

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Hafeeza Noor said...

Nursing jilbabs in stylish designs are hard to find at retail stores. It's better to go for online stores rather than the retail one. Apart from the sites you've mentioned, deals with a very modest and elegant range of nursing jilbabs at very reasonable prices.

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dalall said...

Asc sisters try you can choose ur color size n style of abayas as well as jilbabs. Insha allah khair