Sunday, November 15, 2009

Share your Hijab story

It took me 2 years after my convertion to Islam to take a decision to wear Hijab .
When I became a Muslim I had no idea that Hijab was obligatory .I thought it only needed when we pray or go to Mosque .Even for the prayer I used to wear a see- through Hijab ,which was barely covering my hair .It was actually a cover wrap for a swimsuit that I was using to serve the purpose of Hijab .Its funny I know .
I'm sure all of us converts to Islam have many funny and embarassing moments .
Before wearing Hijab I started with long sleeve shirts ,which were tight,then started wearing skirts ,which was really a challenge for me ,because I was totally not used to that.
After a while step by step I started getting used to my new clothes and started wearing bandanna like style Hijab from time to time ,when I was going to Wal Mart or library,or Masjid .
It looked something like this .
Please note, this is not correct Hijab ...

So I started wearing Hijab this way everywhere ,except for my work place .
I used to work in retail and was always on public in a very crowded work place ,so it was a big challenge for me to change my looks completely .
All I could do is to make Dua to Allah to make this task easy on me .I didn't know how and when I will put Hijab on ,but after a while I started to have a feeling of guilt and shame for not obeying the commands of Allah Subhana wa Taala .I started feeling ashamed to go out without covering my hair .I started hide my hair in a pony tail .I felt so weird to leave my hair down in front of everyone .
One day ,on Friday, I went to a Mosque for Jummah prayer and wrapped my bandanna Hijab around my hair ,but covering my neck also and it was almost proper Hijab and that day I went to visit my brother ,who is not Muslim .
He said nothing at all ,no reaction at all ,no comment .It gave me  confidence .After that, the whole day wherever I went I wouldn't take my Hijab off .Since that day I decided I'm ready !!!
I went to work next day with my Hijab on .Well,I had some earrings sticking out of my Hijab ,which was wrong ,but it looked really nice .
When I was opening a store ,one Indian lady came up to me and said  I love your Scarf ,it looks very nice ,I really love it .She asked if I wear it becuase I'm a Muslim ,I said yes .She said it looks really beautiful and she left .The same day I got  a lot of complements from people about my scarf and it made me feel so much better .Few days later I started wearing proper Hijab .I was using too many pins though ,making sure it wont slip off .
So this is how I started.I still was wearing pants and long shirts then started wearing skirts  .
It was hard for a while I'm not gonna say it was easy ,but I got used to it and at the end I knew why am I doing this .I do it for my Creator ,to please Him only ,and not to please people .

A year ago I decided to wear Jilbab .
One day I was looking for something online and I came across this verse ,which I read many times before ,but that day I reread it many many times ,before I understood.
Ya ayyuha an-Nabiyy qul li azwajika wa banatika wa nisa al-mu'minin yudnina alayhinna min jalabib hinna; dhalika adna an yu'rafna fa laa yu'dhayn. Wa kana Allahu Ghafur Rahim
O Prophet! Say to your wives and your daughters and the women of the faithful to draw their JALABIB close around them; that is better that they will be recognized and not annoyed. And God is ever Forgiving, Gentle.
The word "jalabib" is the plural of "jilbab". Clearly, this ayah states a command for Muslim women to wear a garment which Allah SWT has called "jilbab".

Beyond this, the hadiths record how the sahabiyat (rAa) went about obeying Surah al-Ahzab ayah 59 when it was revealed:
Sunan Abu Dawud Book 32 #4090. Narrated Umm Salama, Umm al-Mu'minin: When the verse, "That they should draw their jalabib close around them" was revealed, the women of Ansar came out as if they had crows over their heads by wearing jalabib.
This hadith shows that the correct way to obey it is to wear the garment called "jilbab", since that is what the sahabiyat (rAa) did. Note that they did not hesitate or delay or make excuses: when they were told by Allah SWT to wear the garment called "jilbab", they did, right away.
And there is more even than this. Some of the women remained in seclusion and never went out so that they did not own the garment called "jilbab". The hadiths record that the Prophet (sAas) commanded the women to come out for the Eid gathering, and what he said about the issue of the garment called "jilbab":
Sahih Bukhari Book 8 #347. Narrated Umm Atiyya: We were ordered to bring out our menstruating women and screened women to the religious gatherings and invocation of the Muslims on the two Eid festivals. These menstruating women were to keep away from the musalla. A woman asked, "O Messenger of Allah! What about one who does not have a jilbab?". He said, "Let her borrow the jilbab of her companion".

I know there is difference of opinion about what Jilbab is and about covering the face ,which is my next step inshaAllah, but  when I read that women did not even go out or their houses if they didn't have Jilbab, I told myself that I will not go out of my house tomorrow without my abaya .It was the only one I owned at that time .Black Saudi abaya ,which was a gift from overseas ,alhamdulillah ..
So this was my choice and it was my decision ..
I don't want to judge anyone who doesnt wear Hijab or Jilbab ,because I know it doesnt come easy and it takes time and transition  ,especially for the revert sisters .
May Allah give us taqwa and understanding of our Deeen and may all of us sisters follow the example of great women ,Sahabiyat (RA)and may Allah perfect our character and make us like them ..

Please share your Hijab story ,may be it will inspire others to wear Hijab...


Anonymous said...

i really loved ur story, its inspiring, thanx a lot for posting it.i may allah reward you highly for ur deeds.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear sister in Islam, asalam Alaykhum. Thanks for sharing your story.

Funnily, I started wearing hijab before I became a Muslim and it is what helped me see the wisdom in the teachings of Islam, alhamdulillah.

I used to live in a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood and I admired the stance and the dignity of the covered women. I wanted to find out how they felt, going about in their beautiful attire. I didn't have money so I saved up to be able to buy some scarves and long skirts. The lady at the stall where I bought my first headscarf smiled at me and praised Allah for guiding me in the right path. I had very little proper clothing to wear with the scarves but I decided to try it out, come what may. It was a challenge I took up. I wanted to wear hijab for a month at first. After a week, I had already made up my mind that I was not going to ever take it off. Of course, I had to face various reactions from people around me and especially old friends who had a hard time accepting the change. Thanks to the guidance of many people along the way, I grew in faith and eventually accepted Islam.

I want to tell all the sisters who are still hesitant that insha'Allah, wearing hijab will be a liberating moment in their lives. If you know you are doing the right thing, you will be stronger to face people who try to bring you down. I had a friend who felt betrayed and enstranged when I started wearing hijab. She refused to talk to me for several months but I was patient and prayed that she would come around. Allah (swt) has answered my prayers: we are now talking again.

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Anonymous said...

������masha Allah
so inspiring