Tuesday, May 19, 2009

assalamu aleikum
My bad experience with Online stores ..

I'm really really upset with online clothing stores ...
I ordered from some places online and I was disappointed so many times,but I would always forget ..But now I really want to say it ,because I'm hoping it will help my sisters not to be ripped of like I was ..
Its not fair for all of us that we pay money for something and then we receive poor quality items ...Some people think they can rip us off ,because we live on the West and its hard for us to find Islamic clothing ,and some web sites take advantage of that .So please be aware !!!

The worst experience I ever had ,just happened recently .I really ask everyone to be careful with this web site www.Utsavsarees.com
I ordered Lehenga from them ,very expensive one and on the site it says express shipping and etc.. ,and they said it would take about a week for it to be made ,Its been more then 3 weeks and every time I contact them they keep saying that it will take another 6-7 days ,I have like 10 emails from them saying the same thing , no kidding ..
When you have question about certain item ,they reply to you right away ,but after you pay them ,forget it ,they dont reply ,not on online chat ,not on the phone .They are Fraud ,be aware !!!!!!The site is very beautiful and looks professional ,but be careful with them ..

My second worst experiense was with www.hijabsonline.com
It was long time ago though ...
I ordered hijabs and they took the money after a while ,then they never sent hijabs or replied to me ..They never ever reply ..AFter I started disputing with my bank the transaction ,they finally sent me undersarf ,but not the scarves ...then they refunded the money after all the headache ,and still never replied to my email ..

I had bad experience with Shukr twice ..
First I ordered Hijabs and they were horrible quality ,all the threads are coming out of them and they look really bad after wearing it couple times..
Not too long ago I ordered 2 Linnen Jilbabs and they looked awfull ,the fabric looked disgusting ,I was so disapointed that it was not what I expected at all ..The Linen fabric was very poor quality,very thick ,it made my body itchy ..
I was very upset ,that this people instead of helping the sisters to cover properly ,they make it difficult and make people spend so much money on nothing..
One of my friends bought from them few times and also returned everything ..

Ok my other bad experience was with www.al-farah.com
I ordered couple long shirts ...They were gorgeous ,BUT they were see through ..How can you sell this to your MUSLIM SISTER? ...It really annoyed me ..
One of my friends ordered from them and they sent her something different ,she tried to return but never got a refund ..

I had many bad experiences with ebay stores ...Some abayas and scarves there ,are hand made ,very unprofessional ,waste of money ...
But I do have some favorite sellers there also which are http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Lebaas-At-Taqwaah__W0QQ_armrsZ1
The sister has beautiful abays in different color ,some are reversable..

I'm trying to remember whatelse ..
My advice to you sisters epecially reverts , be careful with Islamic online stores ..Some of them are ripp off ...

Its worth to travel to another city and finding Islamic store and spending little more ,then shop online and then receive not what you expected at all..
And to those who have online store ,please think what you are doing ...We all will be asked for our deeds ..

Please share your online shopping experience ,this may help others not to be ripped off ..

waaleikum salam

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