Friday, October 9, 2009

About Pink Hijab Day

Pink Hijab Day


Pink Hijab Day is intended to shatter stereotypes of Muslim women, as well as raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. All over the world, Muslims participated by wearing pink hijabs, pink ribbons, and donating to breast cancer foundations.
I want to thank everyone who participated in previous years. We hope this project will grow stronger every year. The event takes place the last Wednesday of every October. This year's event is scheduled for October 28, 2009.
In the United States, donations are being collected at .

What you can do for Pink Hijab Day!

Here's what YOU can do for your Pink Hijab Day event

  • Wear a pink hijab, ribbon, shirt, shoelace...ANYTHING!
  • Donate to a local cancer research organization
  • Organize a walk, or join a local walk for cancer
  • Encourage the Imam at your masjid to focus his khutba on issues related social activism, health, and breast cancer
  • Send the press release to local media outlets
  • Organize a panel discussing women in Islam, Hijab, and/or Islam and social activism
  • Contact your local Islamic School or MSA to participate in the project
  • Distribute information about breast cancer prevention and general health
  • Text/email all of your friends about Pink Hijab Day!

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